Announcing our investment in Dimensional

Originally published on N49P website

We are very excited to announce our investment in Dimensional, an app that uses personality science to help people practically improve their lives and relationships.

Since 1919 people have been taking personality assessments to get a better understanding of individuals for a variety of personal development and employment reasons. Since then the industry has grown to a $2-4 billion industry.

Today there are 2,000 personality tests on the market. Among them, the more popular personality tests have little to no predictive ability or scientific backing, while the more-sophisticated tests require a coach or consultant to be interpreted or made practically useful. This has made it hard for individuals and employers to determine which tests to use, how to benefit from the tests and how to use to personality testing for long-term positive impact.

It doesn't have to be this way. There are is a plethora of models that provide insights into personality traits and how they impact individuals' ability to achieve their goals and communicate with others; however, much of this research is currently buried in academia. The Dimensional team wants to use this science to build an app that can act as a coach to better understand yourself and in-turn help you achieve your goals and improve relationships and communication with others.

Saeid & Alvin have founder-market fit. Between them, they have previously worked together at Sokanu and studied Biological Health Psychology.

This is a blue ocean opportunity and we are excited to help them change the way people understand themselves.