Announcing our investment in Disco

We are very excited to announce our investment in Disco, a platform for creators to build and scale their learning businesses easily in one place.

Disco is a bold vision about the future of education. The Disco co-founders, Candice and Chris, are the right team to make this vision to reality. Candice lives at the intersection of creator economy (Wattpad), digital transformation (Torstar Digital, Gamechanger) and education. Chris is a serial entrepreneur who builds businesses based on new opportunities created by emerging trends. Each of Chris’ companies has been larger than the last and his last startup, Chango was sold for nine figures.

What exactly is the Disco vision? Disco will help creators grow their learning community with workshops, cohort-based courses, and tools.

Why is this interesting? Education is a $340 billion market that despite many attempts hasn’t changed much over the past several decades. Despite this consumer expectations have changed. Consumers want to learn about specific topics from influencers and experts who are actively applying what they teach; consumers want to be a part of a tight-knit community and they want to be able to remote learn while engaging with the instructor.

Until recently creators could assemble the technology they require to offer cohort-based courses and workshops but it required a significant on-going investment into making all the technology work well together. Instead of investing in building the ability to offer these courses, creators would speak at live events or sell pre-recorded courses.

Disco is building the solution creators need. It provides creators with a simple all-in-one platform allowing them to offer their courses and workshop under their own brand to their own community and using the revenue model they want.

We are excited to co-invest with Silicon Valley and global investors including GSV (Masterclass, Coursera), and angels from Shopify, Lambda School, indiegogo, CAA and Wattpad.